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Street Trees - Feature Trees and Parks - Landscape Projects
About Us

Pacific Trees Qld is a wholesale nursery located on the Fraser Coast and is ideally situated to supply a full range of advanced stock throughout Queensland and  the Eastern States of Australia.


Our range of stock includes Trees, Palms, Pandanus, Draceana, Cycads and Bamboo. We specialise in 200 Ltr, 400 Ltr and ex ground stock, though some 45 Ltr and 100 Ltr stock is also available.


Pacific Trees Qld employees are well trained to ensure all stock is grown to the highest possible standard.


Our area of expertise is in providing stock specifically grown for:


  • Street Trees. 
  • Feature Trees for Parks. 
  • Landscape Projects.


We are the home of the Cassia ‘Rainbow Shower’ and are licensed to harvest Brachychiton rupestris (Queensland Bottle Tree), these make an excellent feature in landscape projects.


We are happy to contract grow in containers to your requirements or, if required, we can source plants on your behalf from a large network of suppliers and growers.


For those that require trees moved on and around or just removed from their property we also offer a Tree Relocation service where practicable. 

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