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Advanced Trees

Advanced Trees are the best way to give a project that finished look.  No more waiting for trees to mature. In many landscapes, mature trees are the factor that appeals to our sense of place and belonging.

Trees make us want to return to an environment and be amongst them. Including advanced trees ensures your project success and immediately increases the value in terms of both dollars and personal value to the individuals in the environment.

Advanced trees are becoming more important in all our landscapes as our understanding of a mature trees environmental value increases.

We all know that trees take up carbon dioxide and produce oxygen, but did you know an advanced trees ability to decrease heat has long been undervalued. In an urban environment an advanced tree can decrease building wall temperature and conserve energy by shading walls and pavements, trees can also filter airborne pollutants, reduce carbon dioxide and reduce stormwater runoff. There are many benefits to advanced trees.

As an advanced tree wholesale nursery, Pacific Trees Qld is able to supply many different mature tree species commonly used throughout Australia. Coupled with our ability to deliver to you Australia wide, you can confidently specify and dream about advanced trees, no matter where you are or what you want.

Sales of advanced trees at our nursery begin with 45litre sizes and move up to 6m+ mature trees.

We pride ourselves on making all your advanced tree dreams become a reality, after all, that’s what we do, specialise in growing advanced trees.

To help you successfully transplant your advanced tree, we have put together the below document so you understand what to expect when our truck arrives. Click on the link below to access the information.



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