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Cassia Rainbow Shower

The stunning Cassia 'Rainbow Shower' (fistula x javanica) is one of the most impressive flowering trees available for sub tropical to tropical regions. The pendulous flowers show both yellow and pink colour on each flower stalk.  The Cassia 'Rainbow Shower' is a sterile hybrid so does not produce any viable seed. This makes it a good feature tree in any site and a wonderful small to medium sized addition to a domestic yard. The 'Rainbow Shower' are quite drought tolerant and are a semi deciduous tree, with dense new growth in summer to give wonderful shade during the warmer months.

Pacific Trees Qld propagate a small number of these trees each year and will have our next batch ready in early autumn 2014. Please contact us using the "contact us" feature early  in the new year if you would like to own one of these magnificent trees.

Below is a set of instructions to help you get the most out of your Cassia 'Rainbow Shower'.




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