Leopard Tree - Caesalpinia ferrea

Drought Tolerant
Salt Tolerant
Cold Tolerant
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Leopard Tree - Caesalpinia ferrea - Pacific Trees Qld

Caesalpinnea ferrea

Street Deciduous Flowering Cold Tolerant Salt Tolerant Drought Tolerant
Species: Caesalpinia ferrea
Common Name: Leopard Tree
Native Of: Brazil
Native Habitat: Moist free draining environments in tropical regions.
Form: Large tree to 20m, can be pruned at a young age to develop street tree form. Canopy becomes more dense with age and trunk thickens to a very robust size.
Evergreen / Deciduous: Deciduous
Features: Bright yellow flowers held on the ends of stems, bark is a dappled grey through brown, giving the tree the appearance of a leopard, hence the name. Develops relatively large shiny seed pods
Drought Resistance: ****
Frost Tolerance: ***
Salinity Tolerance: ***
Comments: Very hardy tree once established, very deep rooting in well draining soil. Will tolerate periods of dryness and light frosts. Suited to open area plantings where the magnificence of the tree can be achieved over time.
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